Linux on Integrity servers: Red Hat Enterprise Linux certification and support

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The chart below provides Red Hat Enterprise Linux certification for HP Integrity servers.

Indicates the Integrity server has been rigorously tested and is fully supported by HP.

Indicates the Integrity server listed has been rigorously tested, is fully supported by HP, and is certified by our Linux distribution partner.

HP recommends that our customers update to the latest errata and security releases from the Red Hat Network Non-HP site and/or from Novell's SUSE Linux Portal Non-HP site.

Red Hat


Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
Entry level servers RHEL 5 RHEL 4





Mid-range servers RHEL 5 RHEL 4


High-end servers RHEL 5 RHEL 4

In the fourth update to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 platform, Red Hat introduced the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor alongside the Xen hypervisor. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 update provides a number of virtualization enhancements for Intel® Itanium® processor-based platforms. HP endorses the use of these virtualization technologies for those customers interested in early deployments. HP's recommended reading for customers seeking to use the virtualization technology includes RHEL 5.5 documentation (release notes, installation and virtualization guides) Non-HP site and HP Integrity RHEL 5.5 support notes. These documents will cover feature updates, known issues and the minimum and maximum configuration limits for RHEL 5.5 virtualization on HP Integrity servers.